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Reproduce and
fix bugs, fast.

The time-travel web inspector for replayable, shareable bug reports. Built for developers and QA testers.

Embedded developer tools

For Developers

Reproduce bugs effortlessly with a time-travel web inspector. Share recordings for faster collaboration during development.

For Testers and QA Engineers

Create replayable bug reports with a single click. Save time on manual testing and empower your team to fix bugs faster.

Rewind, Replay, Inspect

Instant playback

Play, pause and rewind changes on demand, without leaving the page.

Elements & styling

View the DOM before and after changes, to see the effect over time.

Always-on recording

Session recording auto-starts in your active tab and playback is ready as soon as you need it.

Privacy & security

Nothing leaves your browser until you share. And when you share, everything is end-to-end encrypted.

And that is just the start...

We're building the tools to supercharge your debugging experience.

Network recording

Coming soon

Play back captured requests and responses to diagnose failure and loading states.

Console messages

Coming soon

Replay logs, warnings and errors, with stack traces to understand when and why errors are thrown.

Performance tracing

Coming soon

Find rendering issues and slowdowns in your web apps. Capture frame rates, layout shifts and other inefficiencies.

Commenting & discussion

Coming soon

Collaborate in context; add comments to a recording and keep the whole team aligned.