Reproduce and
fix bugs, fast.

Bug reporting that captures every detail. Full session recordings with DOM changes, user interactions, network requests and more.

Built for developers and QA testers.

For Developers

Reproduce bugs effortlessly with a powerful session replay tool and web inspector. Share feedback during development and code review, and fix bugs quickly without the back-and-forth.

For Testers and QA Engineers

Create comprehensive bug reports with a single click. Save time on manual testing and empower your team to fix bugs faster.

The ultimate bug report

All the tools you need to effortlessly reproduce and fix bugs.

Timeline of events

Interactive and filterable log of all DOM changes, network requests, console messages and more.

Playback controls

Play, pause and rewind, or step through changes one-by-one.

Smart breakpoints

Follow changes by element or selector. Pause on any change to an element or its children.

Network recording

Play back captured requests and responses to diagnose failure and loading states.

Elements tree

View the DOM before and after changes, or modify styles and attributes to see the effect over time.

Console messages

Replay logs, warnings and errors, with stack traces to understand when and why errors are thrown.

Commenting & discussion

Collaborate in context; add comments to any event and keep the whole team aligned.